All About Me

DSC04315Many many eons ago, when the world still revolved around Facebook, there used to be these designed-to-waste-time activities called tagging challenges.  One of them, known as 20 Random Facts About Me, entailed just that: each person tagged had to write a list of 20 random facts about themselves, and when they published the list, they had to tag 20 of their friends, who then had to write their own list, and so on.

As a ridiculously ardent fan of all those “Top Ten Things You…” lists which appear in places like the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, I figured it would be only appropriate if I described myself in such a way:

  • I was born on December 8, 1980 – the very same day John Lennon was shot and killed. Quite the claim to fame.  And nope, I did not inherit any kind of musical talent since I came into the world the same day he departed.
  • As a kid, I never played house.  I always played school.  And I used to persuade my younger sister to be my student.  Poor thing.  No wonder she hated me for so long.
  • After I grew out of the whole “playing school” thing, I started writing short stories.  Most of them would be called horror stories since they often had ghosts, witches, and other such fantastic beings in them (although their scare level probably left a lot to be desired).  I blame R.L. Stine for this.  I read entirely too many of his books at this age.
  • My favorite meal is, and has been for as long as I can remember, spaghetti and meatballs.
  • I read my first book about the Titanic disaster in 5th grade.  I’ve been hooked ever since.
  • When I last checked, I owned 57 books on Titanic.
  • It shouldn’t come as a shock then to learn I am a voracious reader.  I love both fiction and non-fiction, with genres like fantasy, historical fiction, and post-apocalyptica being my faves in the former, and maritime history and ancient world history being my faves in the latter.
  • The Ushuaia Lighthouse, sometimes called the lighthouse at the end of the world as well.

    The Ushuaia Lighthouse, sometimes called the lighthouse at the end of the world as well.

    History is in fact one of my deepest passions.  I read about it, visit museums on it, watch documentaries about it, and pretty much every other nerdy activity you can think of.  And as I mentioned, my faves are maritime history, focusing on the Age of Exploration, Age of Sail, and early 20th century ocean liners, and the ancient world, focusing on Egypt and Greece.

  • I dream of one day being a “talking head” on the History Channel – one of those experts that provide the textbook information during the documentary.
  • I have a master’s degree from UCLA.
  • I love to travel!  I travel every chance I get (which is not as often as I would want, but I am not gonna complain).  Some places I have been that require a passport include:  Greece, Italy, England, France, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Switzerland.
  • There is nothing I love to do more in my spare time than sit back on my couch with a cup of coffee and a good book, and read….
  • Except maybe working with animals.  I love, love, love, LOVE working with animals.  I currently volunteer with two animal sites:  a cat rescue and a farm animal barnyard.  And I love it.  Have I said that yet?
  • Since I love maritime history so much, I also love to visit historic ships, lighthouses, and maritime museums.  I never go anywhere near an ocean without looking for one of these to go visit.  And my poor fiance is a great sport – he is always willing to come along even though he’d probably rather watch paint dry.
  • Growing up, I wanted to “be” a lot of different things:  teacher, social worker, museum curator, engineer, graphic designer, writer, journalist, historian, archaeologist, daycare owner, veterinary technician, and pretty much anything else.  EXCEPT, I never, ever, ever wanted to be one of these 3 things:  a doctor or nurse, an actress, or a politician.
  • When I was in my early 20s, I finally had an “a-ha!” moment and knew I wanted to work in a museum.  It took me several more years of flopping around, trying to get through college, but I finally pulled it together, and today, I work as an educator in a small historic house museum.  A dream come true.
  • My new favorite animal!  The guanaco of Patagonia in Argentina

    My new favorite animal! The guanaco of Patagonia in Argentina

    I love animals.  I love all kinds of animals.  I have so many favorites I could write an entire page of them, but a few that really come to the top of the list:  cats (of all sizes), wolves, foxes, and basically all dogs too, dik-diks, sea otters, blue-footed boobies (technically a bird, but it still counts), horses, guanaco, deer, and let me quit while I’m still ahead.

  • Speaking of love, I am currently engaged to the most incredible man, whom I love more than words can say.  We get married in October 2015.
  • I still think Calvin and Hobbes is the funniest and best comic strip series ever written.  And I still miss it.
  • Nothing captures a moment better than a quote.  And I have many faves, but one of the best is a line from the little-seen film, The Time Machine:

Time Machine Quote


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